Present Beautifully

We are so excited to announce that we have teamed up with a good friend of ours, Kayleigh, founder of Kinshipped, to offer our customers the ultimate luxury in gift wrapping.

Kayleigh created Kinshipped to offer a curation of luxury cards and wrap that she (and all of us) are proud to display alongside her interior style and paper goods with a conscience benefitting our modern world. 

Christmas is upon us already and we are all starting to think about gifts for loved ones. The High Street is not the norm this year so A.C.Hare are making life as simple and stress free as possible for you by now offering beautifully wrapped gifts with our exclusive gift wrapping service. 

We caught up with Kayleigh to get her top tips on wrapping and thought we would share them with you.

1. Set the scene and set aside some time to get wrapping. When you are about to start, put on some music and grab a cocktail (or two!).

2. Keep all of your wrapping essentials together in a box. My most important tool is a good, sharp pair of scissors as they won't rip your paper and will make sure that you are left with a clean, professional finish. 

3. My game changing top tip... switch your sellotape for glue dots! Your gifts will look magically held together. Another alternative is to get some wash tape (available at Kinshipped) as it looks great against. plain paper. Whatever your seal of choice, make sure you trim any excess paper before securing to keep it looking neat. 

4. Once it's wrapped, dress your present up. A.C.Hare use black velvet ribbon, or for a wholesome look, use twine. When tying the bow, keep it shorts and neat and trim the ends diagonally.

5. Tags and decoration - top off your present with an accompanying gift tag with hand written note or a sprig of fir tree or a pine cone for that ultimate luxury.


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