Welcome to our new website!

The hardest part about creating a new brand and a new website is not telling anyone! I started to look into the idea of rebranding what was Dukes in September 2019 whilst on holiday in Spain with my family where I was trying to cram in my factory visits. But there was such a difference on this holiday - for the first time in over ten years, I was not there with my parents but with my husband and my two boys, Archie and Charlie - and for those wondering... no, a holiday with two young boys is not a holiday. 

It was watching my boys running around in the olive groves when I realised that my life has changed and evolved and the brand should follow suit, which is when A.C.Hare was born. A year later and here we are, I am so excited to be sharing our fantastic new website with you.

One thing that has not and will never change is my passion to deliver traditional handcrafted leather goods. A change of name does not mean a change of tradition, nor a change in quality. A.C.Hare will be supplying you with the highest quality boots and shoes focusing on traditional styles with a nod to trend. I can't wait to go on this new journey with you and I hope that you love our new feel and also some of the exciting new styles that we now offer. 

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