Flats are in - EnBrogue on Radio4 Saturday Live

We were listening to Saturday Live on Radio 4 yesterday and found ourselves listening to a great interview with Hannah Rochelle from EnBrogue, a blog dedicated to flat shoes. Hurrah!
We were so excited to hear someone talking about shoes like ours - Hannah was discussing the pros of wearing flats such as brogues - rather like our lovely Monk Shoes. One of the main topics of discussion was at a recent wedding that Hannah had been to and the Bridesmaids all tottering about in sky scraper heels. Hannah wore a pair of brogues and was the only one left at the end of the day with feet still in tact - plus, she wore said shoes after said wedding.. no money wasted there.
There is truth in that women are scared of shoes such as brogues and monk shoes being masculine. However this is not the case - flat shoes look absolutely stunning with skinny jeans, cigarette jeans, skirts etc - the key is to show a bit of ankle to keep them feminine. Lets face it - there is nothing less attractive than the girl stumbling down your local high street in a pair of heels that are way to high for her. She is verging on limping, desperately trying to manage balance over pain. Flat shoes are classy and if worn correctly, are flattering. Our favourite, Victoria Beckham has even turned to the flat shoe trend and she of all people was never seen without a pair of 10inch Louboutins. 
Flats really are the way forward and they are here to stay. Check out our collection of boots and shoes at www.dukesboots.com