Caring for your boots



Here are some helpful tips on how to keep your new boots looking great..

1. Your new purchase will be protected before wear. Leather needs a wax or cream dressing together with a suitable rain protector. Our suede boots need the appropriate protector and leather soles need Sole Guard, an oil applied to protect the soles and increase longevity.

2. Leather soles are a porous material, allowing the feet to breathe. However, they will absorb water in wet conditions and should not be regarded as waterproof. We recommend leather soles are protected with Sole Guard Oil before use and that they are regularly treated to prolong the life of the sole.

3. When your boots are wet, either from wear or cleaning, leave them to dry naturally – they should not be exposed to heat to dry. It is also useful to stuff the insides with newspaper so that they dry in the correct form.

4. Store your shoes with boot shapers. Boot shapers hold the boot upright and help prevent cracking and creasing of the leather.



For our leather boots, we recommend using our neutral leather cream (please note, we advise purchasing our black leather cream for black leather and grey leather cream for grey leather to avoid tarnishing the colour.

Apply the cream using a microfibre cloth or a soft bristle brush and work the cream in to the leather. This will nourish and condition the leather and prevent it from drying out and cracking.

Scuffing on oiled leather boots

Some of the leathers that we use are an oiled leather to provide a more matte, worn-in finish. Any scuffs on leather boots can usually be buffed out using your body heat from your thumb and a leather cream allowing the natural oils to move around covering up the scuff or scratch.

Where additional treatment is needed, use an old toothbrush or soft bristle brush to work a very fine amount of leather cream into the leather, buffing out the mark as necessary.


The first port of call to protect your suede goods is to regularly spray them with our suede protector. This will keep the suede protected and helps to protect against water. Any mud or marks that get on to your suede boots should be left to dry and then brushed with a suede brush.

Never remove mud whilst it is still wet.

A suede brush will hugely help with the care of your boots. It can be used to buff out any scuffs or marks and also maintains the look of your boots by lifting the nap of the suede.

We also sell a suede cleaning block which is a very useful care product, which is a soft cleaning block designed for cleaning suede and nubuck. This small block is ideal for removing those unsightly marks. The block is used by gently rubbing it over the mark applying pressure as required. The block will crumble slightly which is normal. A crepe or similar suede brush will remove the crumbs leaving a mark free finish.

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