Flat Shoe Rules

1. Show some ankle

Keep your flat shoes looking feminine by showing some ankle - there is something about showing a little bit of skin that looks so much more stylish than hiding them under your jeans.. this can also look quite masculine. Make sure that the turn ups sit just above your ankle bone for a super slimming look. If you cant handle the cold then wear socks with your jeans rolled up - sounds ridiculous but looks great…


2. Socks!

Perfect for winter, snazzy socks allow you to wear your brogues or monk shoes in the coldest climates. BUT - NEVER wear socks with ballet pumps.. just not cool.


 3. Know your proportions

Knowing what does and doesn't suit you is key. I know that a floaty skirt and flats just does not suit me as I have athletic legs, so I stick to rolled up jeans - just think about your proportions and go for it!


 4. Vamp it up

The vamp - this is the part of the shoe that covers your toes and can actually make a massive difference. You wouldn't think that there is much to get wrong when it comes to ballet shoes but actually, if you pick a style thats vamp is too high cut on your foot it can be very unflattering. Ideally you want a low cut vamp to show a little bit of toe cleavage - Pretty Ballerina has mastered this cut:

Pretty Ballerina, €189


 5. Tights

Clash really thick, wooly tights with flats - try 100 dernier plus - stick to blacks and dark greys, try and avoid nude colours.


Falke, £34


 6. Save scrooge for A Christmas Carol

As with anything, you get what you pay for. Badly made shoes are bad for your feet so it is worth investing in something handcrafted - not only will these do wonders for your feet but they will also last the test of time. Quality shoes can be re-soled by a decent cobbler and unlike your dress size, your shoes size rarely fluctuates.

All of our shoes are handmade and made to last - its worth it!

Maddox by Dukes, £155