Dukes Boots is a purveyor of luxury handmade leather boots, designed in Britain, handcrafted in Spain.


It all began in 2005 whilst travelling around Spain, Daisy fell in love - not the average holiday romance, but fell in love with a pair of boots. It turned out that getting these beautiful boots was virtually impossible in Britain, home of country attire and traditional style and so Dukes Boots was born. 
Daisy's love affair with boots has a longer history than a love of our particular boots discovered on her travels. Boots run in the family for decades with her family designing the famous Cowboy Boots - R.Soles. 


Designed by Daisy in the UK, our boots are all handmade by traditional Artisans in the mountains of Spain using the highest quality natural materials. Every component of our boots is hand crafted using traditional methods ensuring that our boots are designed not only to look beautiful but are made to last. Dukes Boots are traditionally British design and simply get better with age. 


Daisy Hare, Director
Company Information:
Dukes Boots Ltd
42, Northgate
Registered Office: As Above
Company Number: 8844599
VAT Number: 258 2975 60