Famaco Gum Delicate Suede and Nubuck

£8 GBP

logoFamaco Gum Delicate 

Famaco Gum Delicate is a simple, innovative cleaning block. Ideal for suede and Nubuck, Gum Delicate rubs away surface stains and marks just like an eraser! Also great for removing other marks from patent leather, Famaco Gum Delicate is diverse and highly effective.

The benefits of using Famaco Gum Delicate

There are many benefits of using Famaco Gum Delicate, some of which we have listed below:
- Simple, small, discreet
- Great for on the go!
- Simple concept with amazing results
- You can tease the mark from the material, and watch as it lifts from the suede
- Can be used for patent, suede and Nubuck

How to apply Famaco Gum Delicate

- In gentle strokes, tease the mark or stain until you can see it lift from the pile
- With persistence and gentle strokes, the mark will slowly disappear thanks to the magic of Gum Delicate!

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