Famaco High Shine Gloss 100ml Tin Wax Polish

£15 GBP

Famaco High Shine Gloss 100ml

Famaco high-shine gloss is a highly effective natural high-shine gloss with Carnauba Wax to create a long-lasting, excellent shine on your favourite leather shoes or boots. 

High Shine has a mirror effect with a strong High Gloss which comes quickly with minimal buffing. You have to polish less to get the shine.

Contains a high percentage of waxes (higher than and standard polish) and it only contains natural waxes (beeswax, carnaubawax and montan wax). It is exceptional not only for leather but also antiques made of wood where you want a high shine in your home.

Recommended if you do not want to add colour but a high shine on the leather.


How to apply Famaco High Shine Gloss:

- Choose the leather footwear that you wish to renovate, and pick the closest colour match from our Famaco Colour Chart or use a neutral colour to buff up the shoe
- Clean the shoe using a Famaco Cleaner, making sure all dirt, dust and mud has been removed
- With a Famaco Cloth or Dauber Brush, apply a SMALL amount of high-shine gloss to an inconspicuous area of the shoe to make sure the colour/product is a good match for the leather
- Once happy with the effect - In small, circular motions apply the high-shine gloss - being mindful to not over apply.
- Leave to dry before applying another coat
- If needed, reapply another layer of the gloss until you are satisfied with the coverage 
- After the polish has dried, buff with a polishing cloth to a high, optimum shine! (We have found that lighter strokes make for a quicker result)

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