Famaco Leather Care & Shine (clear) 250ml Spray

£9 GBP

Famaco Natural Lustre Polishing Spray not only leaves a long lasting shine to dull leather, but it also conditions and protects the leather to ensure maximum results.

An easy, quick fix, to cut out the long process of shoe and boot shining! 

The benefits of using Famaco Lustrante Lanoline

There are many benefits of using Famace Polishing Spray, some of which we have listed below:
- Incredibly easy to use
- Simple spray formula
- Nourishes leather whilst creating long lasting shine
- Highly diverse - can be used for all types of leather

How to apply Famaco Lustrante Lanoline

- Shake gently before use
- In a well ventilated room, spray roughly 30cm away from the shoe in light bursts until whole shoe is covered
- Leave to dry for roughly 5 minutes and if needed, gently buff to an even higher shine!
- You're ready to go!

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