Famaco Clean and Polish Cloth

£6 GBP

Polishing Cloth's for shining and buffing leather

Polishing cloths are highly effective, providing the perfect partner for cleaning your footwear.

This is a lint-free polishing cloth which offers an easy way to polish all materials.

Why use a Polishing Cloth?  

Polishing Cloths are a fantastic way to create a stunning shine to any polished surface and incredibly easy to use. Due to its versatility and great effects, these Polishing Cloth's are perfect for all leather and polished materials. Simply rub in circular motions over your chosen leather accessory and watch as the cloth works with the leather to create a long-lasting, high shine.

Whether for a quick buff or a more intense clean & polish, everybody should have a quality polishing cloth in their shoe care kit. This Famaco polishing cloth is the perfect solution thanks to its large size and soft feel which provides excellent results. 

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