Famaco Suede and Nubuck Eraser

£8 GBP

logoFamaco Suede and Nubuck eraser

Famaco Suede and Nubuck eraser is an abrasive scuff and stain remover. To be used on any suede and Nubuck material, it removes the deepest of scratch marks and scuffs, leaving them free from dirt and any deeply embedded marks.

The benefits of using Famaco Suede and Nubuck eraser

With many benefits, Famaco Suede and Nubuck eraser can be used on clothes and handbags of even the most delicate nature. A simple, small, handy product which effectively removed stains, scuffs and other damage caused to suede or Nubuck.

How to use Famaco Suede and Nubuck eraser

Use the Famaco Gum Delicate for Suede and Nubuck the same way you would a pencil eraser.
- In small, slow movements, gently tease the affected area until scuff is removed
- Follow with a Famaco suede and Nubuck renovator for maximum results

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