Famaco Suede & Nubuck Fade Revive 100ml

£9 GBP


Famaco Suede and Nubuck Revive spray

Famaco Suede and Nubuck Revive is an aqua based spray which renovates all faded suede and Nubuck materials.
Suitable for any colour suede/Nubuck, Famaco Revive spray restores the original box fresh feel to shoes which are in need of a colour boost due to wear and fading.

Famaco Suede and Nubuck Revive Spray re-activates the dye in the leather and intensifies the original colour, leaving them looking as good as new.

Instructions: After cleaning the material, hold Famaco Suede and Nubuck Revive Spray 15cm away from the shoe and spray generously onto targeted area. Leave to dry for 15 minutes and you should immediately see the results. 

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