Interview: Cordings Marketing Director

Interview with Hillary Becque, Marketing Director of Cordings.


  1. What is your background in marketing and how did you land your role at Cordings?

I studied textile design for my degree, and since then worked as a buyer, joining Cordings as menswear buyer. My move into marketing was a result of looking after the growing website business and marketing activity when I  came to Cordings. The great thing about Cordings is that quality and attention to detail is so high, the history is so interesting and the two stores are beautiful –we have a lot to talk about!

  1. Talk us through a normal day for you running all things marketing at Cordings.

It is a cliché but every day is different, we are a small team at Cordings so I can be tackling anything from photoshoots, briefing e mails, discussing SEO with our agency, looking at the new collections with the buying team, it is very varied! Customer service underpins everything we do, so making sure that the website is running smoothly is a constant ongoing consideration, as it is ‘open for business’ 24/7, so I always have one eye on that.  


  1. You became involved in the limited edition boot post design. What were / are your thoughts on the design of the boot?

I think you have created a timeless style which is great, I was very excited when I saw them, the quality is superb. I always know when something is going to be a big hit by the teams reaction, nearly everyone has bought a pair! The personalisation is such a great feature as well, it really makes them unique. We are seeing quite a few pairs being bought as presents which is fantastic – the presentation box they come in makes them really special, it would be such a treat to receive a personalised pair.


  1. Cordings attracts a different age clientele to Dukes. Do you see the boots pulling together both ends of the market?

Definitely! This comes back to the timeless element in my opinion -  I think when you get the style so right it has such broad appeal. In the same way that our covert coats and tweed jackets appeal across age ranges and demographics, these boots are instant classics. We have a really discerning clientele at Cordings, and they understand that it is worth investing in pieces that are not about fashion but style. The lovely thing about these boots I think is that a nineteen year old buying them today will still be able to bring them out of their wardrobe in ten years time and will still look fantastic.


  1. You run the Cordings photoshoots. How would you style the Dukes x Cordings Chelsea boot?

I would focus on their versatility. They really can be worn anywhere and with anything so it would be fun to do a shoot showing them in say, five very different locations, styled in different ways.


  1. What makes the Limited Edition boot so special for you and which pair will you be wearing?

The personalisation is a big part of what makes them special to me. I have my eye on the tan pair – perfect with jeans and a fairisle jumper – perfect for Autumn walks in the Cotswolds!


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