This post takes a look at the key features of the new Limited Edition boots. The Dukes Founder, Daisy Hare, discusses the boots below.

What makes the boots so special?

Once I’ve designed the boots, they are then handmade by traditional artisans in the mountains of Spain using the highest quality natural materials. Every component of our boots is hand crafted using traditional methods ensuring that our boots are designed not only to look beautiful but are made to last. Dukes Boots are traditionally British design and simply get better with age.


What are the most important elements when designing the boots?

When designing a boot, there are a number of elements that are important. For me, one of the most important is the shape of the boot itself – I like the boots to be the right toe shape and also flatter the leg (for taller boots). Comfort is also paramount, as there is no point in designing a beautiful boot that is so uncomfortable that you struggle to wear without having to buy shares in Compeed!


What are the key features of the new Dukes x Cordings boot?

The main importance for me when designing this boot was to maintain the classic Chelsea boot shape - an almond toe. A lot of manufacturers now use a round shape toe, however working with such a traditional brand such as Cordings, I felt it important to maintain traditions in design.

The boots feature a leather sole, again very classic, but capped with a wooden and rubber heel for durability. All of the boots are good year welted and are designed to last. The materials used in the construction of the boot are all second to none, with the highest quality Italian suede. We wanted to keep the boot simple and classic to keep in line with Cordings - therefore we have stuck to classic colours and made the boot identifiable with a Cordings maroon and cream boot pull.

All of the boots are presented in a solid gift box, gold foiled with the branding on the lid - one of those boxes you keep!

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