Mens photoshoot : behind the scenes

Traditionally, we have organised large photoshoots for women but seem to miss out on our men! As half of our customers are men, we decided to arrange a full photoshoot for our Men's collection of boots for this winter. We are so pleased with the photos and cannot wait to share them all with you. 

For this shoot, we ventured to Faversham, Kent, to the Creek where we managed to get some fantastic shots. 

For those wanting to visit, there are some amazing antique shops (which I managed to sneak off to during lunch rounds) and an amazing pizzeria, Papa Bianco which is well worth a visit. 

Photoshoot days are at the top of the "I want to go" list for the A.C.Hare staff as they are always a good, fun day out. We thought we would share a couple of behind the scenes images for you to see - we will leave it up to you to figure out which photo matches up with each behind the scenes shot! 

A.C.Hare Men's photoshoot behind the scenes from A C Hare on Vimeo.



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