How to... care for suede

We have had a lot of queries about caring for your new suede boots or monk shoes - so here are our top tips on keeping your boots in great condition.

Suede requires a little more care and maintenance than leather as suede has a nap - a soft raised textured surface. Suede is particularly susceptible to scuffs, dirt, mud and liquids because of its nap.



(these can be bought from your local shoe shops, shoe menders and supermarkets)



suede protector   stiff bristle suede brush    softer suede brush         Suede cleaning block


When you first get your pair of Dukes, we will have sprayed them for you. It is best to give them another spray with a suede protector.

Give them a light brush with a cleaning brush to remove dirt and lift the nap - then spray all over. This spray is not a permanent sealant and your boots will need care throughout their use:




1. Shiny spots or scuff marks

Give a light brushing (only in one direction) to lift the nap to its usual appearance.


2. Surface dust and dirt

Brush off with a suede cleaning brush


3. Water

Water is harder to deal with as it leaves marks on the suede.

Use a stiff bristle brush to apply thin layer of water over the whole shoe to provide a unirofm look. Sponge off and use a shoe tree to keep its shape whilst drying.


4. Mud

Mud can be hard to remove. NEVER remove mud whilst wet. Leave it to dry and use a stiff bristle brush to remove main body of dirt. Then use a suede brush and go over boot.


5. Heavy stains

Need a cleaning block - use it like an eraser to rub the dirt off of the shoes - removes the worst stains and dirt. Then brush with a soft bristle suede brush - go slowly, repeating the process in small doses to avoid damage.