Summer Wedding : Style Guide for Men

At some point this year, most likely summer, if your calendar looks anything like ours - you will attend a wedding. No doubt, you’ll wonder what the hell to wear. A common misconception is that its easy for men… it’s not. 

Everyone notices a well dressed man. The others simply blend in.  Last summer for example, I could count on one hand how many times I was truly impressed with guys who really pulled it together. 

Take note Gents. Do not confuse “standing out” for “standing out like a sore thumb”. While almost no outfit will get you thrown out of the chapel these days, you're not trying to look like you're in costume. You're just trying to come off as the best, most jubilant version of yourself.

Keep it traditional, but add a slight twist - a flash of colour perhaps. When it comes to suits, it is best to stick to a lightweight suit especially when attending a British wedding. Unless stated otherwise, try and avoid the tux - far too dinnery. A navy blue, lightweight suit, such as this one from Aquascutum is a great choice. Wear with a crisp white shirt and the foundations  are already set.

Now for the colour - here is your creative license. Stand out this summer and wear a pair of smart shoes with a slight difference. Dukes Khaki single strap monk shoes are a perfect splash of colour, not too “in your face” yet not black or brown like everyone else. They are the a great choice for every shade of blue. 

Ties and socks. Go for a bright tie - stick to more summery colours such as pinks, yellows, reds, greens. Stick to a navy sock if you are wearing a coloured shoe. This might sound a bit pedantic, but you will be amazed how many people will see your socks as soon as you sit, especially if you are wearing great shoes!